What I Packed For A Year of Round-The-World (RTW) Travel Part II: Toiletries, Electronics & Miscellaneous

Originally Posted April 17, 2016

We've been in the UK since my last post, having a great time catching up with friends and even made a quick trip down to Cornwall, which is one of the few areas we did not get around to visiting when we lived here.  More on Cornwall in a future post, but let's get to the good stuff.  More TMI over-sharing on the crap I'm toting around the world.

But first, I must confess I did forget a couple of items in my clothing post!

  • Swimsuit

It's an old faded turquoise one-piece I've had for years, so it's past its prime and I expect to toss it and buy a new one once we get to SE Asia, but at least I have one!

  • Pajama Bottoms

Just some random satin ones I bought at Macy's last year.  I can't do cotton bottoms as they bunch up when I flip over in the night.  Plus, they air dry in about 10 minutes after washing.  I will also wear a t-shirt or tank top from the previous list.

  • Black Spanx Tights

I'll wear them with my dress during chilly weather.

  • Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

My practical side tells me to buy a cheap pair as they will likely be lost, stolen or broken, but sometimes I need to learn the hard way.

  • Jewelry

I'm wearing the same items every day.  Two silver rings, including Wanda's (Perry's mom) thumb ring, one lightweight bracelet and silver earrings.  I also have my Paris Ikita enamel necklace for special occasions, but I'm giving up my watch for a year.  

My favorite necklace came from Paris and demanded to see the world

Ok, on to the rest....


MacBook Air 11 inch

MacBook Air 11 inch


This is my baby.  My last laptop was purchased in 2009 and gave me many years of beautiful service, but she was a heavy beast.  My new lapper is so lightweight, I stopped using my iPad and is second only to Perry as my favorite thing on this trip.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5


I didn't upgrade to a 6 yet, as I think this phone still has lots of life left in it, plus, if disaster strikes and I drop it in water,  I won't be devastated.  Upon second thought, it would truly be devastating as it holds all of my music and podcasts for daily walks, plus serves as our navigation device (thanks to T-mobile's amazing international plan) as well as my camera.  Pretty critical stuff so guess I will be careful.

JVC Sport Headphones

JVC Sport Headphones


I must have funny shaped ears because I cannot use standard ear buds.  I've tried repeatedly, but unless I am lying flat, they just fall out.  Since I listed to podcasts and do my Spanish lessons daily, these puppies are crucial.

X-Mini Speaker

X-Mini Speaker


Perry and I are podcast junkies and like to listen to them when we cook (Paula) or do dishes (Perry).  We also are doing Pimsleur language courses in Spanish (Paula) and Mandarin (Perry) so this little speaker will get heavy use without adding a lot of bulk in my pack.

Targus World Adapter

Targus World Adapter


I broke our other adapter in Rochester, NY after I dropped it, so we picked up this one at a Staples and I love it!  For an all-in-one adapter, it is remarkably lightweight.  My shoulders are rejoicing!

T3 Single Pass Compact Flat Iron

T3 Single Pass Compact Flat Iron


It's irrational and vain, but I just can't have frizzy hair on the road.  While it is small and lightweight, I gave up clothes to make room for it and so far, have no regrets.


Miquelrius Notebook

Miquelrius Notebook


I love to journal, make lists and jot notes by hand, so I always have one of these with me.  With all my electronics, it's certainly not necessary, but I feel I must have one, so there you have it.  Irrationality rules the day. 

Cashmere Eye Mask

Cashmere Eye Mask


I started wearing one when I was working overseas and now I can't sleep without it.  I need to replace it as it's starting to get a bit manky, but I'm so picky, and I can't find another one just like it.  The cashmere is very soft on my face, plus it has two thin and stretchy straps for max comfort; most masks use a single thick, stiff strap that feels as though I've got a straitjacket attached to my head.  I'm less picky about ear plugs, and just picked up a container of them on Amazon.  


I've listed out my items and added a little bit of commentary on a few can't-live-without favorites.  All of these items are in travel size containers.

  • Face wash/Anti-aging cream (Obagi Nu Derm)

Obagi products help me forget I'm 8 years older than Perry.   I couldn't bring all the products, so I streamlined down to the 3 most important items that work best on me: Foaming gel cleanser, Tretinoin (retinol for wrinkles) and Blender (hydroquinone for sun spots).

  • Overnight moisturiser (Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream)

Unbelievably lightweight, this moisturiser eliminates dry patches overnight and never causes a breakout.

  • Daily moisturiser (Aveeno Positively Radiant 30 SPF)

I adore this daily moisturiser as it soaks in quickly and doesn't feel sticky.  While I prefer the 15 SPF, I needed to step up my sunscreen game with all the outdoor walking we will be doing.  

  • Hand cream (L’Occitane lavender)

If I was going to a desert island, I would choose this over food.  

  • Hair styling cream (Living Proof 5 in 1)

I really like this brand as it is not too heavy and doesn't make my head feel greasy.  

  • Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo

As shampooing dries out my hair and wrecks my color, I've gotten my hair washing down to 2-3 times per week and dry shampoo has been a godsend.  Top tip: if you put it on before bed and brush out in the morning, it works even better.

  • First Aid Kit (Advil, Tums, Claritin, Band Aids)
  • Brush & comb
  • Hair elastics/stretchy headband
  • Nail clipper


Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet


On the surface, this has to be the most indulgent, unpractical item in my pack, but let me explain!  I did buy a travel wallet in practical black nylon with RFID blocking technology, but it did not have a strap, which meant that I would have to carry it around in my hand (easy to set down and forget) or carry in my day pack, even when going to dinner.  The Jet Set is brilliant- part clutch, part wallet, part purse, it has a section for the usual wallet items such as credit cards, but also a place for my phone and enough space for a lipgloss.  But the best part is that it has a removable strap, so I can carry it like a clutch or wear it like a cross-body purse.

Friendly Swede Day Pack

Friendly Swede Day Pack


I got this from Perry for my birthday and he chose very well!  I planned on carrying a day pack I used for biking, but he hated the flimsy straps and dorky brand name Lewis N. Clark.  This genius pack is remarkably sturdy, yet folds up into a tiny pouch and weighs next to nothing.


While we just got started, I have already fallen in love with this pack and cubes.  So tidy!  So compact!  So organized!  Since my disastrous trial run last October, I've gotten my packing weight down which has helped me with carrying.  When I boarded the plane to London, I swung it overhead with the greatest of ease and smugly watched as those with heavy suitcases struggled to push them into overhead storage.  Immature, I know.

Tortura packing cubes

Tortura packing cubes

Thanks for reading!  I would love to hear your packing tips so please reach out!